How much commitment is required to take part in BeUpstanding?

We recommend that you run BeUpstanding in your work team for at least two months and you’ll probably need at least a month to prepare (so 3 months total). All staff will need to spend an hour at a consultation workshop and your workplace champion will need to spend around half an hour a week running the program.

What will my data be used for?

Data collected through the Toolkit will be used by researchers at The University of Queensland and collaborative research institutes to understand the use and impact of the program.

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Can I BeUpstanding if I don’t work at a ‘normal’ workplace?

Of course! We are wanting to make sure our Toolkit can reach as many diverse workplaces and teams as possible, so we’d love to hear from you. Contact us.

I am not a Champion — but I want to BeUpstanding. What can I do?

If your work team is not yet taking part in BeUpstanding, let your manager know about the program, and encourage your organisation to participate. There are also many things that you can do right now to BeUpstanding. Have a look at our Blog and Resources to get lots of ideas and tips to get started.

Is BeUpstanding appropriate for schools?

BeUpstanding is targeted at adults in desk-based workplaces. If you are at a school and are interested in how to BeUpstanding please contact us.

Is BeUpstanding an accredited program?

It is not accredited—yet. BeUpstanding has been developed based on the best available research evidence and in conjunction with government, health industry and work policy partners.

How much sitting is too much sitting?

That’s a great question! It’s not so easy to answer because everyone is different but we recommend aiming to spend no more than 50% of the work day sitting and reducing long periods of uninterrupted sitting by standing up at least every 30 minutes. Similarly, it is not just about standing all day either (see below). The goal is to alternate postures regularly — both at work and outside of work. Listen to your body, it will help tell you when to move.

Is BeUpstanding just about standing?

Despite the name, BeUpstanding is not just about standing! Too much standing at one time can also have detrimental impacts. The BeUpstanding program is about creating a dynamic workplace—where workers are encouraged and supported to regularly shift between sitting, standing and moving. We recommend changing between sitting and upright postures at least every 30 minutes.

Is BeUpstanding about counting steps?

BeUpstanding is much more than just counting steps. It is about raising awareness of the benefits of sitting less, and creating a cultural shift at work so that sitting less and moving more becomes the new norm.

I need help motivating my team to move more. Any ideas?

The Toolkit includes a variety of resources to help motivate staff, including videos, email templates, posters and tip sheets. We also offer personalised coaching in behaviour change and workshops in championing change, if you need extra support. Contact us.

Can you help me alter our workplace health & safety policy?

The Toolkit contains a BeUpstanding policy template. If you need more help contact us.

How much does BeUpstanding cost?

The Toolkit is free! If you would like some additional help, or want to understand the impact of the program in more detail, we also offer some additional services. Contact us.

What are the expected benefits of taking part in BeUpstanding?

The goal of BeUpstanding is to reduce prolonged periods of sitting through raising awareness and creating a culture where moving more and sitting less is the norm for happier, healthier workplaces. Download our Business Case for the benefits of sitting less and the return on investment.

What are the risks in taking part in BeUpstanding?

The program is designed to help you, as the champion, support your work team to sit less and move more. It is important that the strategies you choose, and how you promote the strategies, are consistent with your work, health and safety requirements. Strategies chosen should take into account your unique staffing profile. If changes are too rapid, staff may experience musculoskeletal impacts. Emphasise the importance of regular postural changes and listening to your body when you are promoting the program. Additionally, although the program is designed for your whole team to participate, make it clear it is ok if not everyone wants to take part. If any staff have any pre-existing medical condition, it is recommended that they follow the advice of their doctor in regards to their level of participation in the program.

My work team has finished BeUpstanding — what next?

Fantastic! Now is the time to review and reflect, and start planning for when you will run BeUpstanding again. The program is designed to build on existing knowledge and culture change to achieve long-term success. Please login and see our sustainability section.

Do I need to do every step in the Toolkit?

We realise that each workplace is different, and each champion brings a unique set of skills and experience, so not every step may be needed or relevant for your work team. However, to gain the most benefit out of the program, we strongly recommend completing the starred core steps at a minimum.

Looks like something is wrong with my survey portal

As a Champion in BeUpstanding you have access to a survey portal which enables you to send out surveys to staff and track their anonymous responses. If you have sent the survey to staff but the portal does not seem to be working properly, do the following checks: 1) Have at least two staff completed the survey? To assist with anonymity, at least two staff need to complete the survey before responses are shown; 2) Have you sent the correct link? Please use the link available in the portal to send to staff. Do not use third party software to create a hyperlink. If you have difficulties, please contact us at

How do I share my team’s successes?

BeUpstanding has a social media platform where you can facebook, Instagram, and tweet about how your team is being upstanding, as well as connect with other Champions through our BeUpstanding Champion forum. We are also interested in sharing your story through our blog and newsletters. Contact us.