Our free BeUpstanding toolkit is designed to raise awareness and build a supportive culture to create a ‘dynamic’ workspace where sitting less and moving more is the norm

Be guided, step-by-step

Here is how the BeUpstanding Champion Toolkit works: once you sign up, you will get access to a free online step-by-step guide created by world-leading researchers. There are tools and resources to help your workspace champion get buy-in, deliver, and evaluate BeUpstanding

1 – 2 months

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Get your organisation ready to BeUpstanding! It usually takes around one to two months to complete the foundation phase

2 months



Launch and promote BeUpstanding using our guide and resources. We recommend you run the activation phase for at least two months



Review & Sustain

This is the ultimate goal: environmental, organisational and individual change where sitting less and moving more is the norm

The BeUpstanding messages

Stand up

at least every 30 minutes

Stand up is a prompt to break up long periods of sitting. The recommendation is to interrupt sitting at least every 30 minutes by changing postures

Sit less

throughout the day

Sit less focusses on reducing overall sitting time by swapping some sitting with either standing or moving

Move more

take every opportunity

Move more means increase physical activity throughout the day; primarily through opportunistic, incidental activity like taking the stairs instead of the lift

The BeUpstanding strategies

BeUpstanding strategies are designed to address organisational structures and the work environment (i.e. places), and support individuals (i.e. people) to create and sustain a dynamic workspace where sitting less and moving more is the norm.



Establish supportive organisational policies and practice (e.g. regular standing breaks; standing meetings; wear your sneakers to work day)



Make environmental changes to the workspace to encourage less sitting and more movement (e.g. fewer chairs in meeting rooms; move bins/printers to a central location)



Provide education on the benefits of sitting less and incidental activity; facilitate self-monitoring of prolonged sitting

The results speak for themselves

Here is what others have said:

“I thought the Toolkit was fantastic, the actual concept and just the positive way that it was put together. It was such a dynamic interesting topic, the content was really vibrant and happy and positive. I thought that it was really, really good. ” – Champion – Senior Adviser Government Sector ACT

“I actually think there was a bit of a shift in just how happy and productive people were. Certainly a lot more laughing, and that’s always a good sign for me, if I can hear laughing in the room, that’s great. ” – Champion Small Business Regional QLD

““I feel like we are at the beginning of a revolution…It’s already snowballing” – Champion – Call Centre, QLD

“It has an impact on culture…and showing that we actually think about staff health and we’re interested in them being healthy. In reality it’s good for work as well” – Champion – Senior Leader Government Sector QLD

When you need an extra hand to stand

Our free toolkit gives you resources and tools to BeUpstanding. But we understand that sometimes you might need an extra hand to maximise change

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