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BeUpstanding is world-leading and evidence-based

Based on over 10 years of research, BeUpstanding targets too much sitting in the workplace by encouraging more movement, more often to improve staff health and wellbeing.

Our research shows that a workplace champion who promotes the main messages of BeUpstanding and motivates others is critical to success. That’s why, through collaboration with government and industry, we developed this free online champion toolkit.

The toolkit gives workplace champions the tools and resources needed to create and sustain a ‘dynamic work environment’ where sitting less and moving more is the norm.

BeUpstanding and see the benefits

  • increase overall health and wellbeing
    high levels of sitting increase the risk of diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease and premature death
  • reduce injury
    long periods of sitting are linked to musculoskeletal disorders
  • improve productivity
    healthy workers perform better
  • increase staff satisfaction
    healthy workers are happy workers
  • reduce absenteeism
    sitting less reduces risk of chronic disease and associated sick days
  • increase staff engagement and retention
    investing in worker health and wellbeing helps attract and retain talent

How the BeUpstanding toolkit helps

Increases awareness

Helps spread the message about the benefits of sitting less

Builds culture

Helps build a supportive culture where sitting less and moving more is the norm

Creates change

We guide you, but YOU and your work team decide what changes will work best

Are you ready to BeUpstanding?

Before your workplace or team signs up to BeUpstanding, it is important that you have a few key things in place.

This is a champion toolkit, so first things first you will need a champion! Your champion can be anyone who has the time and commitment to run the initiative for at least three months for at least one hour a week.

Depending on the size of your workplace and the nature of the work you do, you may need to have multiple workplace champions across teams.

It’s also really important to have management support for the initiative. You might even need to prepare a company policy to get going.

If you’re not sure you have everything in place, check out our handy Are you ready? guide.

Do you have a dedicated BeUpstanding champion?

Is management on board?

Do you need to prepare policy?

Reasons to get excited

The BeUpstanding messages and strategies are effective at reducing overall sitting time in workplaces. Here’s what our pilot study found:


reported fewer
musculoskeletal complaints


staff satisfaction
with BeUpstanding


min/day average reduction in sitting time at work


of staff felt
less stressed


reported fewer
sick days


reported being
more creative

Help your workplace start sitting less